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an angry Doraemon 3d image
My Voice Hurts Me | Notes App Dump | MasaMu #3
You know how people hate the way their voice sounds when hearing a recording and such? Well I took it another step, my beliefs of my voice rather.In the late evening of September 5th 2023, I wrote down...
Imagine an AI-generated image that depicts an INFJ introvert walking on a mesmerizing expanse of marble tiling suspended in the sky, far above the bustling crowds below. The image should capture the essence of isolation and introspection, utilizing the celestial setting to symbolize the introvert's desire for solitude. The marble tiling should exhibit intricate patterns, evoking a sense of elegance and serenity. The composition should emphasize the stark contrast between the solitary figure and the lively activity on the ground, highlighting the introvert's detachment from the social realm. Through this visual representation, convey the longing for isolation that resonates deep within the introvert's heart, while showcasing the power of AI to evoke emotions through stunning imagery.
INFJ, Is YouTube Right For Me? | MasaMu #2
a quick dissection of the difficulties of pursuing YouTube as an Introverted person (INFJ). First and foremost, to get this out of the way, I don't necessarily believe in the MBTI quiz.....
a giant Ultraman Prime emerging from behind a building in night-time Tokyo
Stop Being A Child Now | Priming | MasaMu #1
Priming is our exposure to one thing that can influence our response to something else, even if they seem unrelated. External cues can subtly.....